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Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace is a strategic field and an indication of progress in all countries in the world. The aerospace has seen a rapid growth after the Islamic Revolution and the aerospace department at Amirkabir University of Technology has been a major contributor to this growth with educating the necessary specialist in this field. Direct contact with industry has not only provided the necessary input for estimating the required human resources but also has laid the ground work for applied research to support industry projects.

The aerospace graduates have been provided the required knowledge in aerodynamics, flight mechanics, propulsion, and structures. In addition, they have gained the ability to design and construct flying vehicles such as airplane. Beside the above capabilities, the aerospace engineer graduating from this department have acquired the ability to work on automobile aerodynamics, land based and offshore structures, as well as turbo-machines.

Operation research division, educational institutes, transportation management, power-plant operation, oil and gas facility operation and automobile industries are among the beneficiaries of the expertise gained by the graduates of the aerospace department. With this regard, the automobile industry has gain the most from theoretical and experimental aerodynamics in recent years resulting great new designs. Providing a good quality education and exploring the employment opportunities for its graduates are the goal.


Our department was established at the beginning of 1987 as the first aerospace department in Iran, located at the heart of the university in the center of Tehran. It might be interesting to know that this university is honored being a leading pioneer is engineering within the major Iranian universities for a long time.

In September 1987, the first group of undergraduate students were admitted among thousands of very keen candidates to study Aeronautical Engineering. Since then ,many students have been successfully completed their undergraduate and postgraduate studies in this department.

Due to successful track of teaching quality as well as providing required research facilities by the department, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education in Iran granted the permission to establish the Master-by-course in the field of Aerodynamics in 1992. This MSc program was the first postgraduate study in Iran. It was a result of increasing demand by numerous BSc graduates in engineering who wished to carry out on their studies at a higher level. Due to excessive needs of Iranian Aerospace Industries at the time, this initial program has been well extended to four major disciplines; Aerodynamics, Flight Mechanics , Propulsion , and Aero-structures within three years only with an increase of five to twenty postgraduate students per year.

In 1997, the celebration of the tenth anniversary of establishing the department coincided with the 40th anniversary of our university which, is officially ranked as one of the top academic centers in Iran. This important event has been prosperously accompanied with launching the Doctorate Program in several topics or Aeronautics.

We are aiming to contribute in the progress of global aeronautical knowledge more than ever and in particular, to cooperate the most in the improvement of aerospace industries in Iran. The faculty is currently involve of such commitments by means of research activities in the field of basic and applied aerospace sciences, and through education of students and training of young scientists and engineers.

Research has also been a major activity in aerospace engineering department since its foundation. Numerous projects have been completed by the faculty, or under their supervision at graduate and undergraduate level. Reports and papers presented in seminars, conferences or published in journals show the interest and efforts put in research. Some projects have also been completed with the industry funds in this department, which have formed the ground base for industry and university relations.



Department History

The Aerospace Engineering Department of Amir Kabir University of Technology was founded in 1987 and has accepted so far(2009) 967 students for bachelor program, 555 students for the master program and 85 PhD students. Due to having excellent faculty members and superior laboratories, the privilege of establishing Aerodynamics Master Program was given to this department for the first time in Iran by the Iranian Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. The first students attending this program were accepted in 1992, and in the following year increasing the admission capacity by a factor of four raised the number of students to 20. The undergraduate curriculum consist of total 140 units from among the categories of general courses, basic science courses, main courses, Specialized courses, Workshop, Internship and Thesis.

In basic and main segment courses are mainly in the field of general and engineering Mathematics, physics, computer programming, numeral computations, differential equations, statics, dynamics, strength of material, technical drawing, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, automatic control, vibrations, heat transfer, propulsion, Turbomachine, flight mechanics, aircraft design, aerospace structures, rocket science, Aeroelasticity, orbital mechanics, aviation instruments workshop and wing/fuselage workshop.



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